Short talk on family

After Anne CarsonFamily has never been Christmas dinners, small talk with cousins I see during the holidays and at funerals. It has never even been my brother, someone I thought I should look up to because he’s in the army and as a kid, that made him a hero, but as an adult who knows… Continue reading Short talk on family

The Quilt

The woman who found the body could not explain why she had not called the police herself. Perhaps, she reasoned, she had thought that the police could do nothing for a dead person; perhaps, she had not even considered it. She could not remember her thoughts much at all. She remembered her actions very clearly,… Continue reading The Quilt


I was dead for twenty-six years. My body was frozen and stored in a facility. I don’t remember anything. That’s a question I’m asked wherever I go. What’s being dead like? I don’t know. I don’t remember. Do you remember anything?No. People think if they ask me the same question in different ways I’ll remember something. Is it like… Continue reading Berth

Sunday by the Seine

As they walked past picnicking families, along the bank of the river, Ms. Kim tut-tutted at her daughter Molly.  “We walk up straight, Molly,” she told her, holding her daughter’s tiny hand. “We don’t slouch. Do you want to be a hunchback?” “No, mommy,” Molly said quietly, although her white boater was causing her much… Continue reading Sunday by the Seine


i dont know how to write a poem about gender so henceforth I’ll replace it with blankness and see where the earth takes me because                      is beautiful and                              womanhood is ever-lasting oh let me sit in this before it swallows me whole oh let me color in my shades what good is gender ah i slipped erase it as perception does me anyways what good is                                                       if i cant tangle in its webs to feel free in the pauses when… Continue reading Incomplete


Carina Stopenski Carina Stopenski (they/them) is a writer, teacher, and librarian based out of Pittsburgh, PA. Carina received their BFA in Creative Writing from Chatham University, their MSLS in Library Science from Clarion University of Pennsylvania, and their MA in Literary and Cultural Studies from Carnegie Mellon University. Their work is forthcoming or has been… Continue reading apostate