que será será

is not fatal
ism is not
to be or
not to
mean at the core of matter
like a corm in relation
to a crocus
pit to peach
tree a seed
in relation to the right
lots of germ
i/nations fail

to thrive

the visible
what will be

will be

microbial a
missing gene

a quarantine
of least

incubate in

tubate bloom
ing misogyny

innocence be not synonymous with dumb virtue’s vice in drag the numbers grow too large to fathom a sum known only by its kin one million killed is ten is one plus so many nothings at their wake what was ain’t & what will be is panacea

for the painstruck
the scorch of powder
& the scare

cities of what
will be a matter
of trigger

& of choice
detour and deter
a matter of state

& all but out
of your hands baby

Irene Cooper

Irene Cooper is the author of Found, crime noir set in Colorado, Committal, poet-friendly spy-fy about family, & spare change, finalist for the Stafford/Hall Award for poetry. Writings appear in Denver Quarterly, The Feminist Wire, The Rumpusstreetcake, Witness, & elsewhere. Irene teaches in community & supports AIC-directed creative writing opportunities at a regional prison. She lives in Oregon with her people & Maggie. irenecooperwrites.com.  
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