i dont know how to write a poem about gender so henceforth I’ll replace it with blankness and see where the earth takes me because                      is beautiful and                              womanhood is ever-lasting oh let me sit in this before it swallows me whole oh let me color in my shades what good is gender ah i slipped erase it as perception does me anyways what good is                                                       if i cant tangle in its webs to feel free in the pauses when i ask how you think i mean femininity when i so clearly removed a binary here i mean ininity sounds close to infinity when you turn the word on its head but i spit on the dust of coloring my bones change a  mold into an un-appeasing glance of glasses chains yes it makes sense, read between the lines but oh opportunity lies in: i am        first and     last in a hierarchy already dispelled a spell mispronounced dripping in bright red ink down every inch of skin acknowledge me the way I stay silent oh what does it take for me to be or to be not

Mel Arthur

Mel Arthur and is a young, queer, black poet studying at Amherst College. They been writing for many years but only recently began to submit their work for publication. They started writing poetry because they wanted a place to explore more with words, especially how they can uplift, break, and resonate depending on what experiences each reader that is reading has.
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