The Night Job

“It’s because you’re more Ha’ole than me,” Denton says and I tell him how that’s stupid, because we get the same Mom and Dad. He tells me to think about it but I have thought about it—if Mom is 50% Ha’ole, 50% Chinese, and Dad is mostly Hawaiian with some Filipino, Portuguese, Japanese and Samoan—we’re equally Ha’ole. So I… Continue reading The Night Job

winter walk

 but fuck dude maybe there is something about warm winter jackets and soft winter snowfall and quiet footsteps in moss-riddled forest paths made by a thousand small boot-prints a criss-cross way cut through the brambles  still the unruliness behind my eyes  and quiet the storm of my mind. grinning smile-faces from fingers on windshields there’s nothing that is quite like walking and… Continue reading winter walk


Welcome to your daily guided meditation. Today your goal is to relax. Situate yourself in a comfortable space. Take several deep breaths. Begin by wrapping your hands around her body, feeling the wings beat beneath your palms. Apply minimal pressure to keep her still. Not too much, not too little. Hold with the same firmness… Continue reading Farmland

que será será

is not fatalism is notto be ornot tobemean at the core of matterlike a corm in relationto a crocuspit to peachtree a seedin relation to the right conditional lots of germ i/nations fail to thrive resist the visible what will be will be aspirational microbial a missing gene a quarantine of least resistanceincubate in tubate… Continue reading que será será

Give Up

It’s only when you’re aroundthat I become my own nemesis:pendulous whispers in a darkenedhallway; dust settlingon the sideboard; two eyes glaringpetulant at the back of your head. Everything I say is a bird shot dead,the bird falling into a chasm, the shotechoing across the field and youfeeling me up in the back of a parked… Continue reading Give Up

Specter of a Stinger

We sat packed three in a rowback seat of the sky-blue Oldsmobile.My sister had always been olderbut felt impossibly so by thena class ring on a faux-gold necklace.She hadn’t told my parentsit was an engagement ring,emerald seated in gold,her boyfriend’s birthstone. He sat, hairy knuckles bare beside me.My father had me sit in the middlebetween… Continue reading Specter of a Stinger

Chewing On It

Emma made a face at the little, green leaf floating in her latte foam. The sweet smell wafting up from the cup made her stomach churn. She had made the drink herself with extra foam and a healthy sprinkle of cocoa powder on top, just the way she liked it. Emma tossed the garnish on… Continue reading Chewing On It

There is no sound to it

My mother is afraid to die in Frankton Indianabecause everyone will think she never left.She seems scared that anyone would think her attachedto anything. My mother would love to bea drifter or a mother and cannot conceive of both I told my mother once I was worried I had seen the futureIt was mundane and… Continue reading There is no sound to it